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A backend framework for solid web apps based on node.js


We are happy to support us on github from here

Also we will be happy if you want to contribute us or have an issue you can open a ticket on github

Whats New ?

Grandjs now supports the following

  • JSX Syntax for rendering dynamic content instead of using template engins
  • many of express packages are now compatible with Grandjs such as cookie-parser, session, flash, morgan, express-fileupload, body-parser
  • Typescript support!, Grandjs has major updates one of these updates is rebuilding the package again using typescript and changing the architecture of the project


You want to build a solid web application but you don't want to use express and a lot of packages you need to build a basic website, Grandjs is one framework includes all main functionalities you need to build amazing, solid and secured web application without need for a ton of packages and libraries.

  • Grandjs is built for solid and extended web apps

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1- you need to install node.js on your system 2- init a new project using npm, so then we will be able to install this framework


  • fewer packages and more productivity
  • Framework includes the most needed functionalities to build a perfect web app
  • depends on Handlebars template Engine which is friendly with many developers
  • solid routing system built on Javascript object-oriented programming and you can extend it as you need
  • controlled handling for every error page in your app
  • Grandjs is built for solid and extended web apps
  • Built in template engine using jsx
  • Extendable Routing System
  • Accepts Express Packages such as (body-parser, cookie-parser, morgan, cors)
  • built in cors Handler Built in request body parser Usable for Typescript Apps


We aim to make grandjs the successor of express js with new vision, architecture, and modern javascript features like Router inheritance to build extendable, scalable web applications without repeating your self!